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Replacement of Technet Wiki

Users who were contributing on MSDN forums also used to write blogs on Technet Wiki

Since MSDN forums are replaced by QnA. What's the replacement for Technet Wiki? Are we planning to have a new platform where contributors can write blogs? If yes, any ETA?

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@VaibhavChaudhari , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

@saldana-msft, can you please take a look at this feedback? thanks!

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@VaibhavChaudhari Blogs is different than TechNet Wiki.

At this time, we are not planning to add Blogs to the platform. Those can be done in Tech Community or via other product blog.

For TechNet Wiki, we don't have any clear plan yet. We are making some infrastructure and other changes to the Docs platform to allow contributions at a scale. We will share more info once our plans are better defined.

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