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site feedback & suggestions for improvement

Mods ..... this should be tagged as qna-feedback, but it wouldn't let me post this using that tag

The site should not assign a random username, but allow the user to pick one. Tried changing mine and that resulted in "something went wrong"

If a user wants to maintain a consistent handle across different platforms they should be able to.

Some users have established solid reputations that took tens of years to build on other platforms ( / / etc), you will need to figure out a way to let them convert their reptutation scores to an QnA reptutation. That is a sure way to get them engaged. Without that they are going to think twice of putting the same amount of effort in.

Gif animations are very handy, however there needs to be a way to pause them, or even slo-mo.

Currently you allow only one (1) post to be marked as the answer, however technical questions almost always have multiple solutions, which one is best depends on details of the implementation which can vary greatly based on the application. Long story short multiple answers should be allowed.

Also, PM between users is something that happens all the time on other platforms. Think it is beneficial in establishing relationships.

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@wavemaster , thank you for the feedback. We are reviewing it and we will be updating this item once we finish the review.

@Nandha22, @VivekKumar9142 can you take a look at this "qna-feedback" tag issue as well, thanks!

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I want to add to this single Answer situation.

Look at Stackoverflow: many different answers.

Or, you could go full single Answer and change it to Like, add some smiley faces and emojis too!

By the way, while I am typing this I notice that when I hit Enter to go to the next line I can no longer see my cursor.

And while we are at it, why not add My Posts to the list that has MyProfile, Challenges, Bookmarks?

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Just add a note regarding to ability to PM users, it might have some consideration because they are not public it might result of abuse and due to privacy , it is not possible to moderate and monitor them unless you report an abuse. Microsoft Technical Community do support ability to send private message as an email but for technical public forum, it would required proper planning and management before implementing such features and might not be feasible, I am saying this based on experience.
However, other feedbacks and ideas are feasible.

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There are some folks who have been running forums like I described for more than a decade. Probably a good idea to check in with them and learn of their experiences.

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It is always good idea to check with people who have experience and Microsoft also have been running forums for more than decades and I believe they will have plans.

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Not a solution - more feedback

Often when I read a question and attempt to comment, answer, or vote, I get a message to please sign in.
When I get this message, I am already signed in to the site. I then sign out, sign back in as the same user, and am able to participate. This is an annoyance.

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