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Why do you assume I am in business? I am 83 and well retired and use my computer to keep me in touch with what's going on and in this respect Microsoft is failing me very badly

I have used Microsoft almost since it began and this has been the worst year of my life dealing with a new computer using Windows 10 that has made no effort to put things right when they have gone wrong. I got so upset by I have refused to use them on my smartphone as they were not sending me emails anyway. As soon as i did this Microsoft knew they had to do something about this and act fast. So they have stopped everything from working and send nasty pages saying "HMMMM we cannot connect". Yes you can and have been doing so all year but is not and never has worked for me. That is why I prefer Google.

So maybe Microsoft should reflect upon its attitude. Rather too precious for its own good for as soon as I can I will jump ship and learn how to use an Apple Mac.It's no skin off my nose. I can afford it but Microsoft cannot afford to lose customers. I have joined Facebook an soon my friends will know about your treatment to this old lady of 83. Turning off everything. OK. Who cares? Microsoft is the loser. I was a faithful customer and now I will see tomorrow when The Tech guys come what you have done and they will know what is what.

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@DeniseATurner-7753 , thank you for the feedback. This area is specifically for Microsoft Q&A feedback only, due to this, we are closing this item.

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Ok Close the comment but at least you have read it and now know how it has been battling with a slow machine that fails to respond, loses documents or says it cannot find them when they have been saved as per instructions to the Microsoft cloud. Imagine how I felt when I had written a long letter to a solicitor or lawyer then find there is no copy anywhere to be found until I went to Norton's cloud and Curry's PC World Cloud. There it was as plain as could be. I reported this to both firms and they said it was most peculiar. I have just had this PC returned and checked and it is running more slowly than ever since Microsoft downloaded Cumulative Patch (KB5001330). When I feel in a better mood after taking a friend to hospital and home some 3 hours drive I will phone Technical Support. I did so a few weeks ago and had hoped the problems would go. HP and PC World say my computer is running normally. No it is not if it takes 10 minutes to boot up. It should only take 10 seconds.

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Hi Denise,
As a fellow Microsoft user, I understand your frustration. One of the hardest things to figure out with Microsoft is how to find the right person or web forum at Microsoft for your specific need. Microsoft has a billion different websites that serve a million different types of customers (I exaggerate only slightly).

Tracy's response was technically correct, but if I were you I wouldn't find it very helpful. I would guess that you don't want to vent frustration, you want to recover your files, tune up your computer, and get answers to your questions and concerns!

I mean no disrespect to Tracy. From her perspective as an MS employee assigned to this particular forum (let's call it the 'Microsoft Docs Q&A Feedback' forum), your feedback is just one in a continuous stream of mis-filed comments. I'm reminded of a gag from the old Tintin comic books where Nestor, the butler at Marlinspike Hall, receives numerous phone calls from people trying to reach the village butcher, Mr. Cutts. With each misplaced call, Nestor's unflappable demeanor is put to the test. Thompson & Thomson later attempt to phone Marlinspike, but instead reach Cutts, who, the reader learns, has been fielding a high volume of misplaced calls with far less grace and tact than the estimable gentleman's personal gentleman.

The point is, Microsoft employees don't do a good job of redirecting people to the right forum for their problem because there are so many forums and so many mis-directed comments and questions.

In your case, I think I understand the cause of the mis-filed comment. You're experiencing a problem where you've lost your documents. Naturally, if you find a forum with keywords like "Docs", "Q&A", and "Microsoft", you'd assume you found the right place to ask for help!

However, "Docs" in this context refers to documentation, and in particular, technical documentation for software engineers and IT professionals to use when developing and maintaining a wide variety of Microsoft products. In other words, anything under is not intended for ordinary Windows users. Further, the "Q&A" here refers to the questions engineers and IT have for Microsoft and for each other about the subject matter of

I wish I could point you to the right forum for your problem, but I don't know what that would be. It would be nice if Microsoft had a way for people to declare what kind of user they are, so that forums that don't apply to them would be less easy to find. You could say, "I'm an 83 year old Windows 10 user. I use Microsoft email and cloud storage products.", and if you tried to comment in this forum, the website would tell you, "This is a forum for software developers. Are you looking for a Windows customer support forum?", along with links to the more appropriate places for you to get help. Too often, Microsoft's attempts to guide users depend on those users knowing special keywords (like the contextual meaning of "Docs") or the overall structure of the family of forum websites. Too often, Microsoft provides guidance or hints that make sense to a technically-minded person who is reading carefully, but not to a frustrated, ordinary Windows user

In my experience, once you find the right forum for your issues, you can get good advice and assistance and find people who take your feedback seriously. I hope the same is true for you! It will just take some effort, and maybe some trial and error, to find the right place.

Regarding your specific issues
I have two thoughts.
1. Microsoft has two email websites that also serve different communities. One is (free, personal email) and the other is (business email). I have accounts of both types, so I know how that can be confusing. You might want to make sure you're signing in to the correct website, and confirm that you're signing in with the same account you used to create the email (many people have multiple accounts with Microsoft!).
2. Your startup sluggishness is likely caused in part by having too many programs that do the same thing. You mentioned three different cloud storage services- Norton, PC World, and Microsoft (OneDrive). Imagine if you cooked 3 meals for yourself every night, and only ate one. The time you would spend cooking would triple, and you'd be getting no benefit out of it! Likewise, it sounds like you have run several diagnostic tools on your PC (HP and PC World). Those kinds of tools have a bad habit of hanging around in the background, like a houseguest that won't leave. I think you would be best served by ditching the diagnostic tools and finding someone trustworthy and competent to administer your computer and keep it tuned nicely. A car mechanic inflates your tires and checks your oil, and is there to answer your questions. An IT customer support admin would serve the same function, but you have to choose wisely. If you have a grandson who knows his stuff, pay him in small gift cards to keep him happy to help again and again.

That's all the advice I have. I hope it helps!
God bless,
- KP

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