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Please add the category for Microsoft Office Project

Please add the category or tag for Microsoft Office Project.
It could be inside the Microsoft 365 and it could be Project for IT pros

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Please check the response here.

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May be I wasn't clear, I want to add a category in here and not just add a tag (like other Microsoft Office products).


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The Q&A forum is decided to be "tag-based" in the beginning to remove the need of "cross-posting". Now you no longer need to move post at multiple boards if your question matches multiple topics in forum and worry about how to sync response.

In the past the moderators will move the question in one of the boards and then perform merge, however that means helper that not follow the question at that time-point will no longer able to see that question in radar.

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Hi @Reza-Ameri, as another user mentioned before, there is a relevant tag for Microsoft Project, however, we will run this suggestion by the support group to add an entry to the card for it.

thank you

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Hi @TracyMyles , thank you for the update

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Hi @Reza-Ameri, the support group had decided to retain Project support under the "General development questions" mention in the card for now, but will revisit in the future if more interest comes.


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