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Voting is a bad idea that I only see in Microsoft support forums

I hate the idea of votes. Many good ideas and urgent requests for help won't have votes. Does it mean no one is going to attend them? Voting is the worst idea that I see only on Microsoft Support web sites. No other company uses votes in this negative, limiting way to avoid work for themselves. People visit forums when they have a problem. How can you expect questions to collect votes when people do not visit the forums for voting purposes. They hardly have time to browse all questions and vote on them?

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There might be a common question asked by many people and if you just search you will see the question and answer and then you don't have to ask it again and just use the answer and you may upvote it meaning it helped you out. However, if there is a new question, you are welcome to ask. The voting is a way to understand like if a question or answer is valuable and it helped the community like questions with more vote will be placed at the top.

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The problem is, the MS Support Staff seems to ignore questions with 0 votes. I remember reading somewhere on support pages that if your question receives enough votes then it will be answered. I can see so many questions remaining unanswered. This is a bad use of Voting. Someone with an urgent problem might remain in a hanging state till someone votes on it. That's the whole point. People don't come here to vote but to get their questions answered.

For example, my own question asked 3 days back is unanswered. And it is important regarding how to submit a win32 App to the new Windows 11 store. There is no information on MSDN or Partner portal. And Microsoft is touting the new Windows 11. Why am I redirected to post a question here from support if no one seems to care from Microsoft Support?

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Thank you for the clarification and I got your point. Actually it is not true and Microsoft and others who are participate in this forum, will attempt to answer questions whether they have vote or not. For example, I am volunteer in this forum and I just go ahead and answer any question which I know no matter when it has been asked or how many vote does it have. This forum is also new and I believe more people will join and the response time will be faster.
However, you have to take a note that forum is not a good place for urgent matter because your question might get answer right away or it might take few days or weeks. For urgent issue like the one you discussed, it is the best to contact Microsoft Support. However, I support the idea where this forum needs improvements.

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thanks you for answer me

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