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Please include the Playback Speed feature in Teams Recorded Session

The Teams Meeting Recorder Session, when we share to other members, they can access it via a SharePoint.
The Recorded Video is Not having the, Playback Speed feature in Microsoft Video players.

Thus all members, unable to complete the Session in lesser time, as the Recorded Session runs at one speed.
due to this most of the Higher Management People/Member, time is take in following the video at same speed, Not be able to speed Up the Recorded Session Play Speed.
An their productivity & their efficiency get effected. specially during the peak hours, where they need to give their time to other project also & to make business decision on other matters also.

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@DevnathJaiswal-7205 this section is just for feedback on Microsoft Q&A. If you have a question about a Microsoft product, please ask it by clicking the "Ask a question" button on the top right and then filling the form. Thanks!

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@saldana-msft, Thank you for the reply.

This Community, is bit a new from myside. As I had posted it on this Section.

An regarding this post, I would like to give a suggestion/feedback for this Microsoft Product, as the Product User.
Can please walk me through the steps, So I can send it to Microsoft Product Team.
As, I'm not aware of it

Thanks : )

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No problem, @DevnathJaiswal-7205. You can provide feedback about Microsoft Teams by clicking the Help Help button on the left side of the app, then select Provide feedback to tell us what you think.


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