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$$ANON_USER$$ is able to participate in forum

As I know when there is a $$ANON_USER$$ account, it means anonymous user and they have deleted their profile.
I noticed a $$ANON_USER$$ user is able to reply to a post.
The expected behavior would be like when user delete a profile, they won't be able to participate while their old posts and questions are there but they are not able to create a new question or reply to a message when account has been deleted.
Take a look at the following post as an example:

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@Reza-Ameri anonymous users are not able to ask questions. That account is not a real account. But if a user deletes their profile, their content gets assigned to that general account. We need to do this to comply with GDPR rules. It is strange a user asks a question and then decides to delete their account, but I can assure you that nobody is posting on behalf of the $$ANON_USER$$ user account.

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Thank you @saldana-msft for the clarification.

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