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Add a section displaying member selected tags so that members can quickly scroll through their favorite tags.

When Questions is clicked there are popular tags displayed on the right side of the window.

Members may want to click on a tag that is not displayed in the popular tags.

It takes time to search for each desired tag in the popular list.

And it takes more time to search for tags that are not displayed on the popular tag list.

There is a lot of space below popular tags.

There is also a lot of space below related tags.

Members may have tags that they always view.

And members may see tags in the popular tags list that they never view.

Please add a section that appears below popular tags for member selected tags.

And consider a section that continues to appear after selecting a tag.

(It would now move from popular tags to related tags. The member could still view selected tags.)

Members could then easily select their desired tags.

It would then be efficient for members to run through a list of their favorite tags.

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