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The search doesn't have enough conditions

I searched for - upgrade "Service Fabric" date:"2020-10-04 TO 2021-10-04" and got 4880 results.

I searched for - automatic upgrade "Service Fabric" date:"2020-10-04 TO 2021-10-04" and got 10715 results.

I want to search for all the words in my search. By adding more words, I should get fewer results. It appears that an OR condition is being used. If that is so, I should have the option to specify an AND condition. If there is syntax I can use to accomplish that, a link to making effective queries should appear, especially when I get an error message stating that I got too many results and need to refine my query. Telling me to refine my query without providing any guidance of how to do so is a frustrating user experience.

And having to provide a tag in order to provide feedback is another frustrating user experience. Having to guess at a valid tag is even worse. Obstacles to a customer providing feedback need to be eliminated.

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Did you try searching for:

+automatic +upgrade "Service Fabric"

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