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Binus Journal Indexing in Microsoft Academic

Dear Microsoft,

My name is Christian Harito. I am a Journal Publishing Manager at Binus University. Some of our university journals have been indexed in Microsoft Academic such as Binus Business Review, CommIT, ComTech, Humaniora, Journal of ASEAN Studies, Lingua Cultura, the Winners. We are thankful for your service and would like to continue to share our publications worldwide. However, our new journals (e.g., BECOSS, EMACS, IJOBEX, JAFA, JGGAG, SEEIJ) have not been included in Microsoft Academic. Could you please include all of our journals in Microsoft Academic? Please find enclosed our homepage:

I would be grateful for your help. Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask me via email to

Best regards,
Christian Harito
Journal Publishing Manager
Binus University

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