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Add popup validation before disabling a device

I had some authentication trouble with Teams. I tried disabling the device as a last solution. I found the solution to the issue but I was never informed that only administrators are authorized to re-enable devices.
The interface only displays buttons without any warning and without any validation popup. Re-enabling a device on some organization can take days and it is a pain in bureaucracy to contact administrators.
The UI should inform us of the fact that we cannot re-enable ourselves the device and that it is not a action without consequences.

When searching for the error code : 135011 on google, we find tons of people who had the exact same issue. ( Even here, in question tab, I found people asking how to re-enable a device they disabled by mistake.

So please improve the UI to better guide people and prevent mistakes :)
Just a small popup when clicking "disable" button with a text like "Careful, to re-enable your device you'll need an administrator. Are you sure you want to disable this device?" would do the job.

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