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Azure Purview Glossary - unique term name should not be the primary key

I think most users will utilize Purview Glossary as a table*, not as a dictionary**. At our organization, we would like the ability to add multiple instances of the same term Name without the addition of a Parent term(s) to allow unique values. Even one level of Parent can get messy. (I do understand that there can currently be a difference only by capitalization of the first word).

For example, the term "Content" has many meanings. We would like to see each of those rows separately, rather than have to combine all definitions in one Definitions field. Users will not have the patience to read the multiple definitions provided in one text box, and they may end up selecting the wrong definition. So have the primary key just auto-assigned (and probably not even visible to users), allowing multiple instances of the same term name.

  • Table style would have 1 definition per term.
    **Dictionary style would have 1 term with many definitions in 1 text box.

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