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Whenever I come here, it's most likely because I have a pretty difficult question about Windows and hope to find experts able to explain how things work regarding my problem. In most of those cases I already spent hours before to find solutions, workarounds, explanations etc. myself and failed. In most cases it's really about problems which have their root cause in bugs or simply stupid behavior of Windows, either making myself as user angry or as a service provider maintaining customers.

Two examples:

For some reason, Windows Update started to install some .NET related updates in version 5.0.8 and 5.0.10 some days ago and failed with installing 5.0.8. Why? Because 5.0.10 has been installed first and the installer for 5.0.8 checked if a more current version is available already and denied to install. Of course Windows Update is not smart enough to detect such problems and simply stop trying to install 5.0.8, instead there's and endless loop of errors. Until I'm using "wushowhide.diagcab" to hide the problematic update. You most likely republished those updates for some reason, as both were already months old and I regularly run Windows Update, so they should have been installed in the past already. Though, in that case with 5.0.8 first and 5.0.10 only some months later, not creating the problem like now when both are republished at the same time. Of course this in itself is a very stupid error of Windows/MS/... and things become even more stupid because you changed all the official links pointing to "wushowhide.diagcab" in the past ot some completely useless FAQ nonsense.

Great work!

Today I ran into problems with the start menu: Before Windows 10, one could simply add directories and files and those were instantly shown. Work perfectly for many users and then you decided to break that whole process by putting some database into the process. Now some process needs to put start menu entries into that database and of course this breaks a lot of time: Not only that you started with only 5xx entries possible at all some years ago, no, you are managing to make that process that fragile, that multiple link files in the same directory are not shown always. Simply copying files and directories doesn't result in instantly added start menu entries as well anymore, instead, there seems to be some latency and some checks like command lines for the created entries and a lot of such bullshit. In the end, things simply don't work reliably and easy anymore as before and I'm not able to get the shortcut in the start menu I wanted to add.

Great work!

And here's the fun part: After spending HOURS with such problems and trying to understand how things should work and debugging YOUR buggy product, I've decided to ask the "experts" available here. In the end, someone should know how things work under the hood and might even tell me what I'm doing wrong, if at all. So I created two question, described the problem, provided background from my own research about how things work etc.:

And guess what happens? The following is the result for my created questions:

This content was reviewed by a moderator and they found it is not appropriate for this site.

Of course I can't see any explanation, anyone to ask for reasons to improve the question, nothing. WTF?! You are really, really working hard to become sick of Windows. :-) Of course, because of those experiences not only with the product itself, but your mostly really bad community tools, workflows, how you react to insider reported bugs etc., I'm telling every customer whenever possible to use Linux servers and Windows only in VMs when absolutely necessary. And I need to tell myself that I simply need to live with this buggy product and how you treat your customers and end users as long as I'm paid to create Windows software.

Great work overall! :-/

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