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I originally looked at a microsoft site that had the below 5 courses listed. I can now longer find them on this site or the Cloud Skills site. Cannot understand why the listed coursed below were available in October but now not available in November. Not a good start, our organisation is spending a lot of money with Microsoft and we get emails from our managers to do training, then we go to book in and the courses are no longer available. Can you please provide details of what the equivalent courses are now called or what the below names have changed too so i can book in courses to do and update my training agreement with the new names/titles.

• Microsoft courses
o Power BI Dashboards in an hour
o Finding gold with Knowledge Mining
o Automate workflows with Microsoft Power Automate
o Creating your first Intelligent Bot with Azure AI
o Build and Manage Enterprise Bots

Your field below 'Tags' is the silliest field i have ever come across. No explanation as to what it is for.

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