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Develop methods to quickly view the latest post in a long thread

The Microsoft Q&A website will send an email for any new thread posts after posting into a thread or after clicking follow,

When viewing the email and clicking on "Click here to see......." it will open to the latest answer or comment.

For those without email notices it can be time consuming to find the latest post in a long thread.

The latest reply, either comment or answer may not be at the end of the thread.

The post may be in the middle of a long thread.

The thread show(s) may have to be found and clicked before scrolling.

Please offer the email method option for any new viewer of the thread by displaying a button on the thread top: "Click here to see....."

In case there are multiple posts in a 24 hour period the latest five email click here notices will be at the top of the thread:
For example: "click hear to view the buttons or links to view the latest five posts

These will be the latest email links

This way any new viewer could quickly see the latest post.

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