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Please fix the tools that trigger moderators so that members that request help ASAP can get help without delay. (Moderator may take 6 hours to screen a post)

A thread requesting help ASAP (It's my work tool and I need this fixed ASAP.) was delayed by:

Your answer was submitted, and will be reviewed by a moderator before being visible to all users.

This post is currently awaiting for a moderator to review.

Please fix the moderator trigger so that there is not a 6 hour delay.

This is the thread in which the post was just made:

This is a thread in which it took the moderator approximately 6 hours to screen the post:
The thread currently displays: (Docs-4663 commented • 3 days ago | Docs-4663 published • 2 days ago)
So the exact time delay from comment to publish is not currently viewable by a non-moderator)

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