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Most Updates cant Install On my Windows 10 After I Installed A APPX file, Please help

Well, At first My Device ( Win 10 Pro x64) was ok with Updates, Im In Release Preview Channel, Has No problems in most updates and such until this happened... I have seen That win 11 store is in beta for win 10, Most trustworthy Websites Released The Appx Bundle For It, And I Installed It, Well The Beta Microsoft is not buggy And Has Some Cool UI, But After a Week, i Noticed That Updates For Windows Is Not Installing Properly Anymore, The Cumulative Updates and stuff Has Some Errors, Like "Update Failed, Undoing Changes" (stuck at 7% then resets to Undoing Changes) and " Missing Update Files, Retry Again Later". Please Help, I Really Want My Pc to be back to normal and receive new updates, Specially security Updates

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