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Azure Data factory bug when creating dataset - error 800000 char limit exceeded in ARM template

i have a fairly complex data factory 18 pipelines, 120+ datasets 26 Dataflows. it has been working fine until last week when i tried adding a new dataset. 155943-alltogether.png

You can see that i am adding the dataset and spec the file path that it will point to in one operation.

  1. it takes as much as 10seconds to execute this task

  2. on publishing you get the following error155934-fail.png

i discovered after a week of tearing my hair out and learning about ARM templates
that you can get around this bug by

  1. Adding a new dataset but not spec the file path leave as the root

  2. publish the dataset ... all fine

  3. Edit the newly created dataset, spec the file path you want the dataset to point to

  4. publish, all is fine

  5. Observations the first does not take 10s, it returns instantly

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fail.png (161.2 KiB)
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