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Add Sticky Note on the top of the Microsoft Q&A Feedback site regarding to Feedbacks

We are observing users who are sharing feedbacks related to the Microsoft products in the Microsoft Q&A feedback site. While it is valuable to see users are concern about issues in the Microsoft products and want to improve it but this place is not the right place and their feedbacks might not take into account.
For this reason, I suggest add a sticky note on the top of this forum (Microsoft Q&A Feedback) and explain this place is only for Feedbacks related to the Microsoft Q&A website (with some examples) and guide users to share feedbacks related to other Microsoft products in their forums.

Windows 10/Windows 11- Feedback Hub app inside Windows
Windows Server-Feedback Hub app inside the Windows 10/Windows 11 as this app is not available in the Windows Server.
Other Microsoft Products- post on the

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