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The delay on speaker

A few months ago, I faced a problem with my laptop (windows 11) with a delay in playing sounds from my speaker. Whenever I wanted to play something, it would play with a delay and during that time my computer would stop working. I tried so hard to find the solution, my laptop's support team also worked on it and no one found the cause of the problem. Finally, I was told the only way to deal with it is to change the operation windows.
The problem got solved, till last night it starts again. but this time I found the problem is rooted in a problem with windows 11 that I have explained below:

Whenever the laptop uses the wireless display and play something from the speaker of that monitor (the monitor will be added to the list of my devices) and once you get disconnected from that device, your speaker on your laptop will start delaying on playing everything (even the mic will start working with a delay whenever it is used) the delay is up to 5-10 second and it is very annoying. the only way to solve this is removing that wireless monitor from your list of my device)

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