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Please FIX the website timer so that it does not interfere with posting questions, answers, or comments

There have been multiple feedback entries about failure to post questions, answers, and comments.

To date there has been no acknowledgement or planned fix.

This is typically seen:

  Unable to execute your request
  We are sorry, but we are unable to execute your request at this time.  
  You may be seeing this page because you attempted to submit a thread before its form was fully loaded. 
  Please refresh this page and then try again. 
  If this error persits, please enter a Site feedback and provide details of the action you were trying to take.

Please fix the webpage timer so that it does not open to:

New members struggle with tags.

Then when they attempt to post they are blocked with the timer message.

They do not know that it's a time problem.

Please make efforts to fix the website so that post are not frustrating for new members.

Another part of the website that has a time problem is clicking on Follow.

When it times out the member cannot follow the thread.

They will see: unknown people are following

and they won't understand how to follow.

It requires a webpage refresh before clicking Follow.

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