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I'm both logged in AND not logged in? Huh?

Seven hours earlier today I posted a question on Microsoft Q&A. Someone answered it. I wanted to respond as well as vote up his answer. I am logged in to Microsoft Q&A. But Microsoft Q&A won't let me do anything. It gives me this:


However, I am logged in? When I move my mouse over my profile image in the upper, right of the Microsoft Q&A page, it indicates that I'm logged in. How can I simultaneously be both logged in and not logged in? I even tried logging myself out. Microsoft Q&A refused to let me log out! I don't know what is going on. How can I be logged in, but not logged in, and not able to log out?

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I had a lot of that sort of thing way back when I transferred over from MSDN forum. So much so, I deleted my account and then couldn't create a new one. Still bugs me to this day! I had to get a new email address just so I could create a new account.

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