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How AI makes developers’ lives easier, and helps everybody learn to develop software
By John Roach

May 24, 2022
Two smiling men stand in a hallway with their arms crossed.
New Z-code Mixture of Experts models improve quality, efficiency in Translator and Azure AI
By Jennifer Langston

Mar 22, 2022
Hypothetical demo of the Azure OpenAI Service shows GPT-3 converting transcripts of live television commentary during a women’s basketball game into highlights and game summaries that the team can choose to include in an app to engage with fans.
New Azure OpenAI Service combines access to powerful GPT-3 language models with Azure’s enterprise capabilities
By Jennifer Langston

Nov 2, 2021
Two men drink tea in an Uzbekistan teahouse
Azure AI empowers organizations to serve users in more than 100 languages
By John Roach

Oct 11, 2021
A Lufthansa CityLine airplane is parked on the tarmac of an airport. The tails of two other Lufthansa CityLine airplanes are visible in the background.
Azure Applied AI Services accelerate AI solution development to help businesses soar
By John Roach

May 25, 2021
Charles Lamanna, Microsoft corporate vice president.
From conversation to code: Microsoft introduces its first product features powered by GPT-3
By Jennifer Langston

May 25, 2021
Image showing Azure Percept devices, including Trust Platform Module, Azure Percept Vision and Azure Percept Audio.
With Azure Percept, Microsoft adds new ways for customers to bring AI to the edge
By John Roach

Mar 2, 2021
A mobile device displays Bugs Bunny. LOONEY TUNES and all related characters and elements © & ™ Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. (s21)
Are you talking to me? Azure AI brings iconic characters to life with Custom Neural Voice
By Leah Culler

Feb 3, 2021
A woman speaks into a cell phone that she holds in front of her face so that she can view the phone’s screen.
Microsoft gives users control over their voice clips
By John Roach

Jan 15, 2021
A robotic arm picks up a bag of coins
With reinforcement learning, Microsoft brings a new class of AI solutions to customers
By Jennifer Langston

Dec 7, 2020
Close up of a tray of ventilator splitters/
‘All hands on deck’: How Duke University and AI for Health raced to create a COVID-19 solution for patients
By Suzanne Choney

Dec 1, 2020
Toyon berries surrounded by a white box
From beekeepers to ocean mappers, Lobe aims to make it easy for anyone to train machine learning models

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