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stream analytics - custom end time option

while using stream analytics for business critical data in volume of 10M / day, we have faced some shortcoming while debugging failed ASA job due to lack to certain information.

for instance, in our job's query, had issue with datetimestamp field format from source. In log analytics, it shows it failed duet o datetimestamp format but it did not provide which exact field has issue (out of 6 other datatimestamp fields). additionaly it would have helped to see record infomation and then fix the format.

it would be better to have below diagnostic information added to product. please let me know if it already has option to achieve the same. thanks

1) Recording bad records/rejected records in ASA job
2) Identifying exact field causing the failure from ASA job query

ref: datetimestamp error - TrackingID#2207070040004791

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