The audio buffer ready signal sent by the Windows system cannot be received.

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I implemented a softphone using the CoreAudio framework, but recently had a problem with the latest version of win10, When the IAudioClient::SetEventHandle interface is invoked to set the event handle, there is a possibility that the audio buffer ready signal from the system cannot be received during a call. I call the WaitForMultipleObjects interface to wait for the signal. After receiving no signal, no sound occurs in the call. As a result, I cannot obtain the media packets collected by the audio device.

This phenomenon persists until the call ends. and then I cannot release the audio client by invoking the IAudioClient::Release interface. The system interface does not return any result.

Does anyone encounter this problem?

system version: Win 10 pro 64bit 21H2, OS build: 19044.1586

However, this problem does not occur in the version.Win10 enterprise edition64-bit version 2004 os build 19041.1110.

Who can help look at the question?

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