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Problem with publish app on iOS platform

I have problem with publish project on iOS platform. I have error:

Code signing must be enabled to create an Xcode archive.

I don't have idea how fix it.

I try this solution:

but this solution isn't for me.

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Hi @ZuzannaCzaja-9338 , For further investigation, could you please provide the detailed error message, your environment info and what you have tried? As noted in the Q&A FAQ: How to write a quality question.

In addition, you could check the element( <CodesignKey>‌Apple Distribution: xxx</CodesignKey> ) in the csproj of your project. Or you can open the Properties window, go to iOS->Bundle Signing , then check if you select the correct provisioning profile.
Please refer to the doc- Publish a .NET MAUI app for iOS - .NET MAUI | Microsoft Docs and check if any steps are missing.(The video in the thread you mentioned also works)

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I tried everything. I checkes CodesignKey, I tried to change Automatic Provisioning to Manual Provisioning. I did all steps many times. And I still don't have idea what I do wrong.


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You choose Distribution(Automatic), it woks, right? If so, you can check if there is a valid profile under the drop-down menu.

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Hi @ZuzannaCzaja-9338 , May I know whether your issue has been solved or not? If not, please share it in here. We can work together to figure it out.

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