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My ASP.NET Core MVC and C# Lecture Videos having Educational Channel

This is not a question but rather a share. I hope it can be moved to the correct category.

I am a lecturer at a private university in Turkey.

During Covid 19, we made our lectures from remote as everyone else.

I have uploaded all of my lecture videos to my youtube channel SECourses :

I want to share few of my lecture playlists. The playlists contains full course for free.

Most of the videos have manually corrected English subtitles. Hopefully I will make subtitles perfect in time.

[1] Introduction to Programming Full Course with C# playlist :

[2] Advanced #Programming with C# Full Course Playlist :

[3] Object Oriented Programming Full Course with C# playlist :

[4] Asp.NET Core V5 - MVC Pattern - Bootstrap V5 - Responsive Web #Programming with C# Full Course Playlist :

[5] Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) Full Course with C# Examples playlist:

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