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IIS open but doesn't display anything to manage sites

I installed IIS 10 on my windows 11.


But when I open my IIS service manager, no connection is displayed:


I tried to repair my system using this:


I then uninstalled and reinstalled IIS, restarted my computer but nothing worked. I still have the same problem.

In the list of services, IIS is started...

thank you for helping me

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Try to access localhost to see if it works, if you can access it successfully, it means that your iis has been installed successfully, there may be a problem with a configuration file, and further analysis is required.

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Thank you for your reply.
IIS is installed and running.
I manage to interact with it using the appcmd command.
On the other hand, each time I create a site or with the default site with this command, I have a 401 error on localhost.

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@FredMachet-8229 It is difficult to reproduce your problem based on your description, I suggest you open a case via:

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