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Can't Simulate Watch App

Running Visual Studio Mac 17.3.5. I am trying to simulate a watchOS app. I cannot get mine or the example Xamarin example below working. I don't have build issues. It just says execution failed after building, and I don't have any other output I can see. Anyone have any information or how to start troubleshooting this?

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Hi @evmd-6491 , I did a test via VS for Mac 2019 and VS for Mac 2022, I got a "HE0046" error via VS2019. For further investigation, could you provide the detailed environment information( the Xcode version, the simulator information, on M1 machine or not )? As noted in the Q&A FAQ: How to write a quality question

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XCode version is 13.3. Not on an M1 Machine. I've tried this on WatchOS 8.5 simulators. Xamarin.iOS, version

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I tested on Xcode 13.2 ,Xcode13.3 and Xcode 13.4, the issue still exists. And there is a related issue reported at DC- Visual For Mac 2022 cannot run Watch OS, you could follow the progress.

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