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Video player behavior and default max buffer size


We are troubleshooting a major outage in our data plane. The app uses MediaElement to play the Live streams with default settings. Can you please help us understand about the Player behavior in regard to playlist and video segment fetching? Can you also let us know the actual value of the default max player buffer size?

We are trying to gather more information as soon as possible to take all reasonable actions to mitigate the issue.



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Could you lease be more specific about the issue that you are meeting? So we could understand what kind of default behavior that you are trying to know

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We're seeing a high number of segment requests to our streaming servers. It's causing a streaming outage due to overload. Our app is supporting all platforms: Windows, Xbox, Android, iOS, PlayStation, Samsung Tizen TV, Apple TV, Chromecast, Android TV, Roku, Web, .. We're trying to troubleshoot this issue and would like to know the player behavior on all players that we're using:
- How many segments are buffered while playing, paused? (max buffer size)
- How does the player handle the HLS manifest?
- What does the player do when buffering happens?

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I'll need to consult other media engineers to get the information about the behavior you are asking. There might be some time delay.

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