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VS "editors" and Maui don't work well together

I have found that the property editors and Maui do not always work well and some of the UI just don't do anything to help with editing the XAML code.

First example is the property editors for Styles.

It presents some Collection Editors (for Behaviours/Setters/Triggers. These UI elements have the following problems.

Behaviours - it basically does nothing, there is no enabled items on the UI for Behaviours

Setters - 1. It has a dropdown list with for what you want to edit. It has two types Setter and Setter.
- 2. Clicking on an existing setter does not show what the setter is for
Triggers - seems to have a usable UI but have not tested to see if it works. But a simple test shows that it will allow you to input some info but when you use the UI to see what was added it shows nothing

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Hi @LloydSheen-3317 , the "VS editors" means XAML Hot Reload for .NET MAUI, right? You could report this to the product team. About how to report a problem with the Visual Studio product or installer, please see : Report a problem with Visual Studio - Visual Studio (Windows) | Microsoft Learn. Thanks for your cooperation.

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