OpenSSH server does not remember its startup settings in Services after a Windows update

James Rome 36 Reputation points

I have filed 5 bug complaints about this, but have received no fixes or feedback.

In Windows 11 Developers build, I have set OpenSSH Server to start automatically. I use this to connect from my Mac. It is MUCH faster than smb.

But after every Windows update, OpenSSH is set to manual and is not started. One would think this would be an easy fix??

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  1. James Rome 36 Reputation points

    It is NOT a bug in OpenSSH. It is a bug in Windows 11 services app. Services does not remember its OpenSSH Settings.

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  2. Tamas Hegedus 6 Reputation points

    Happened to me, I just noticed today. I was unable to access my computer via the OpenSSH Server service. Has been working fine for two years before, without maintenance. Unfortunately, as I only use this occasionally, (only when there is an emergency at work, guess how surprised I was that it just stopped working), I cannot pinpoint the exact update or date, but it broke down in the past month.

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  3. Tamas Hegedus 6 Reputation points

    It only works now if I set the service to "Log On As" "Local System". Back in the day, I created a dedicated local user on this system to run the OpenSSH Service as, but it doesn't work anymore. I wonder if it has something to do with the other issue, where Credential Guard prevents RDP to use the saved passwords by default. See

    Now I have to run an ssh server as local admin, in the name of security.

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  4. Steven Cheatham 1 Reputation point

    This just happened to me via a windows update. I'm not running an insider build. OpenSSH Server did not start up and was reset to manual. Windows update just updated me to 22H2 installed on 10/5.

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  5. James Rome 36 Reputation points

    It is a BUG. Why. can't someone from Microsoft address this?