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UWP - Error log "STOWED_EXCEPTION_80004003_App.dll!RHBinder__ShimExeMain"

We are getting a analytical error log "STOWED_EXCEPTION_80004003_App.dll!RHBinder__ShimExeMain" for windows store app .

Any idea how this error happening "STOWED_EXCEPTION_80004003_App.dll!RHBinder__ShimExeMain"?

Our application using background task , Is this something related to background task suspended ?

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Hello, We cannot analyze it with just one error message. If you suspect it is caused by a background task, please use Visual Studio for lifecycle testing. If you can reproduce the problem steadily, you can provide a minimum runnable demo to help us analyze the error.

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0x80004003 equates to a null pointer exception. You are trying to use an object that has been set to "null". Check and make sure that you are not using objects that have been set to "null".

Like Richard pointed out, if this isn't enough for you to resolve the issue can you please provide a VS 2019 project with only the code necessary to reproduce the issue?

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