WinUI 3 TreeView - How to set selected node on right click

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I am trying to show a MenuFlyout on a WinUI 3 TreeView when the user right clicks on a node, and allow them to choose an action that applies to the node. Single node selection is in effect, and the node is not automatically selected on a right click.

After searching, I came across this answer, but it doesn't work with WinUI 3, because the WinUI 3 TreeView control does not have a GetNodeAt method, I don't see how to get a TreeViewNode from a point.

Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    You can use PointerPressed event.
    A quick test with a TreeView from WinUI3 Gallery and a simple MenuFlyout from the TreeViewNode text, to be improved :

        private void Tv1_PointerPressed(object sender, PointerRoutedEventArgs e)  
            var properties = e.GetCurrentPoint((UIElement)sender).Properties;  
            if (properties.IsRightButtonPressed)  
                var dc = ((FrameworkElement)e.OriginalSource).DataContext;  
                MenuFlyout mf = new MenuFlyout();  
                MenuFlyoutItem mfi = new MenuFlyoutItem();  
                mfi.Text = ((TreeViewNode)dc).Content.ToString();  
                Microsoft.UI.Input.PointerPoint pp = e.GetCurrentPoint((UIElement)sender);  
                Point ptElement = new Point(pp.Position.X, pp.Position.Y);  
                mf.ShowAt((FrameworkElement)sender, ptElement);    


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