About Socket Connection at Application Termination

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I have a question about the behavior of Windows, so I will ask you a question.


OS: Windows 10

Application: Self-made (implements socket connection Open/Close processing)

A Windows PC is connected to a HUB with a wired LAN cable, and there is a LAN port ahead of it.

Hardware exists and is controlled by TCP communication.

While the self-made application is running on Windows, suddenly forcibly terminate it from the outside for operational reasons

You may be forced to (The process is dropped with taskkill)

Looking at the packet at that time, an RST packet was sent, and the connection with the hardware was broken.

I confirmed that it was disconnected, but this packet was sent by WindowsOS to the application

Is it sent after monitoring the state?

Also, it seems that the above RST is sent and not, and the difference is

I'm having trouble understanding something.

I would like to know if there is anything that can be a hint for a solution.

Windows 10 Network
Windows 10 Network
Windows 10: A Microsoft operating system that runs on personal computers and tablets.Network: A group of devices that communicate either wirelessly or via a physical connection.
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