Cannot run Azure Function today - was fine yesterday

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Hi all!

I have an Azure Function that I am current developing to read data from an IoT hub and save to an Azure SQL DB. I have been working on this pretty much all week and it has been going fine; coding and testing and seeing the data from my sensors populate the database.

However I started it this morning, hit F5 to run the code and see an error in the terminal that I have not seen before:

launch.json file (I have never touched this):

For completeness, the below is the host. Json file:

So, this was working as of 17:00 last night. I fire it up this morning and the get issue described. Nothing, to my knowledge changed in the dev env between that time and the code did not change. I am using VSC.

I also pinged

Any help would be appreciated.

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    Have just come back to this post to update it! Thanks for answering, however the problem was not with my code or environment. I think the problem was with Azure as many other people had the same issue (see here: issues). however, all sorted now and running as expected!