Copy a project to a new location

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Windows 11, Visual Studio 2019, C++
I am trying to learn wxWidgets. Copy this solution: C:\WXWIDGETS\3.2.0\samples\minimal
To here: E:\WX\minimal
So I can make changes without disturbing the original. As all readers know, it won’t work.
What are the steps needed to make it work?
No, I don’t want to create a Github account, load it on the server, and download it again. I find multiple videos but every time I try to follow them videos they have steps and options that simply don’t exist on my computer or they step so fast I don’t have a clue as to what was just done.
A couple of forums threads here state to edit the .csproj file. There is no such file.
What are the steps to just copy it from the original location to the new location and make it work.

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