RfcNotHandled Error - SAP to Logic App Integration

Arunkumar Sivanantham 26 Reputation points

SAP system is getting RFC not handled error when system sends more than 1 idoc to logic apps.
I couldn't find any error in logic app and SAP on premise data gateway as well.

For example, If SAP sends 2 idoc, Logic app will receive only 1 idoc. Remaining 1 will be stuck in SAP system itself with the error of RFC not hanled.

Below is the SAP adapter logs which I got when SAP sends idoc to logic app.

correlationCode=Broker shortMessage=SAP client library version '' - build '' exception=<null> connectionId=<null>
correlationCode=Broker shortMessage=Request culture is 'en-US' - 'en' exception=<null> connectionId=<null> correlationId=<null>

Do I have to add any additional setting in on presmie data gateway?

For the reference, I have attached SAP and logic app work flow error.




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  1. David Burg 396 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    The SAP error message doesn't make much sense here because it should be the same RFC called whether the payload has 1 or more IDocs of the same type. What batching setting are you using?

    Also in the gateway you can enable additional logging to get a trace message for every inbound RFC call seen. The event type is 'RfcServerCallBack', it logs at Informational level and includes the transactionId (TID) for such tRFC call. If the call doesn't show in the trace, it didn't make it to the application. There is an unlikely possibility that the SAP .NET Connector client library rejects the call prior to calling back the application (in which case you would need different logging for NCo trace which SAP support will ask of you).

    For the UX:

    Or by hand:
    <setting name="SapTraceLevel" serializeAs="String">

    in Microsoft.PowerBI.DataMovement.Pipeline.GatewayCore.dll.config

    The gateway service needs to be restarted for the tracing configuration change to take effect.

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  1. Sanjay Dinda 1 Reputation point

    Hello Guys, I know my question is not directly linked with this. For IDOC based integration this is fine and i loved it. However when it comes to Sales transaction which I am receiving SMART to CAR ( billing info), can i use this IDOC based integration with Azure ? I am just thinking my volume of data will be extremely big.