Move folders from document library to Teams Document library

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I have successfully moved a few folders from the Sharepoint Document Library to the Teams Documents library by selecting a folder and, choosing "Move to" and navigating to the Team site, selecting a channel and folder where to move it - no issues.
However, I have two more remaining folders that I want to move (from the same SP doc. library to the exact Teams location as all other moved folders but I'm getting unspecified error that something went wrong and to try again. When I created a power automate flow to do the same, I got an error with status code 400:

These columns don't currently have unique values. CallStack -- at System.Data.ConstraintCollection.AddUniqueConstraint(UniqueConstraint constraint)
at System.Data.ConstraintCollection.Add(Constraint constraint, Boolean addUniqueWhenAddingForeign)
at System.Data.ConstraintCollection.Add(Constraint constraint, Boolean addUniqueWhenAddingForeign)
at System.Data.DataRelationCollection.DataSetRelationCollection.AddCore(DataRelation relation)
at System.Data.DataRelationCollection.Add(DataRelation relation)
at System.Data.DataRelationCollection.Add(String name, DataColumn[] parentColumns, DataColumn[] childColumns)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ListItemObjectHelper.ProcessQueryResult(SqlDataReader reader)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ListItemObjectHelper.GetNextBatchV2()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ObjectHelper.RetrieveDataFromDatabase(ExportObject exportObject)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ListItemObjectHelper.RetrieveData(ExportObject exportObject)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ExportObjectManager.ExportListItemObjects(Boolean isRootObject)
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ExportObjectManager.GetNextExportObjectBatchForRootObjectChildren()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.ExportObjectManager.MoveNext()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPExport.SerializeObjects()
at Microsoft.SharePoint.Deployment.SPExport.Run()
clientRequestId: a8d5e5c9-05ff-4d5e-b779-4ed1d9439ecf
serviceRequestId: a8d5e5c9-05ff-4d5e-b779-4ed1d9439ecf

I just want to point out again that those two folders that I can't move are no different than those that were successfully moved.

I tried to search for a solution but couldn't find anything relevant.

Thank you in advance for help.

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