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How to speed up UWP run time

When I run my UWP from visual studio, it takes very long, how to speed up such time? If I creat a blank app, it runs very fast. So it only happen in this app.

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Do you mean when you run the app, the splash screen took a long time to show the first page? If it is, do you add some time-consuming operations in OnLaunched event from App.xaml.cs? Before your page is loaded, it will prolong the splash screen until the time-consuming operations are complete. So you can do your time-consuming operations elsewhere. If not, can you provide more details about your unexpected behavior?

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I guess, Lindane-0199 just means that it takes too long to start debugging in Visual Studio. Perhaps, he have .Net Native optimization enabled in project settings or something like that.

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Hi, is there any update? Can you provide more details?

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