Retirement notice: Azure SQL Database 2014-04-01 APIs will be retired on 31 October 2025

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We’re constantly making updates to Azure SQL Database APIs to ensure optimal security and performance. As part of these updates, we’ll retire Azure SQL Database API version 2014-04-01 on 31 October 2025. See our documentation for a detailed list of all impacted APIs, as well as new stable APIs.

Until 31 October 2025, you can continue to use Microsoft.SQL 2014-04-01 APIs, templates, SDKs, and programs without impact.  You can transition to a newer stable version of Microsoft.SQL APIs any time before 31 October 2025

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  1. Rebecca Allen 66 Reputation points

    In my request to Microsoft support they said they were sending out these warnings to anyone using Microsoft.SQL in their subscription which is anyone using Azure SQL databases basically. They said that if we are using Azure SQL Database, the APIs will automatically be updated. Also. if we did not write any code or use any third party software that make calls to this REST API for SQL for managing the server, then we do not have anything to upgrade.

    Quote from Microsoft support:
    The retirement of the 2014 API will not affect any Azure PaaS or SaaS products that are kept up to date, as the API will be updated automatically. For any 3rd party or unmonitored items that may use the old 2014 API, they will need to be updated by this time to avoid incompatible calls being made to the target databases.

    More information:
    Azure SQL Database 2014-04-01 APIs will be retired on 31 October 2025 - Microsoft Q&A

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  2. GeethaThatipatri-MSFT 29,012 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    @bamboo System.Data.SqlClient" is the data plane client (like ODBC, JDBC, etc.) for SQL Server. However, what we plan to retire is a specific version (2014-04-01) of Azure SQL Database Management Service (control plane) API. They are two different things. so this is not affected by this retirement


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  3. GeethaThatipatri-MSFT 29,012 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    [Edited to update link from internal documentation to external]

    To minimize service disruption, please upgrade to a newer stable version or discontinue using Azure SQL Database 2014-04-01 APIs.

    If you have any additional queries regarding this retirement, please use the comments on this thread to ask your specific queries and we will try our best to answer those queries. Thank You!

  4. Will de Haan 1 Reputation point

    I'm sorry but I just don't see how I can find out which version of this API is used in my Azure resources. Can you explain this?

    Will de Haan

  5. fhtino 136 Reputation points

    Please, could you clarify how can I detect if 2014-04-01 APIs are used on my Azure SQL instances?

    I cannot find any log showing the current use of Azure REST APIs, i.e. calls to affecting my resources, in this case, Sql databases. Does a log exist? If yes, where is it?

    In the portal, if I open an Azure Sql Server or Azure Sql Database instance, I can see Activity Log. I suppose these are related to call arriving on REST API. But no "version" field is available.

    Thank you

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