How to register a model in Azure Machine Learning when the model is a self made class encapsulating a tensorflow model ?



I'm training a tensor flow model locally, and using it in a self made class to add pre/post code to the TF model prediction.

I can't find how to register the model because a tensor flow model (ans thus my class containing it) can't be pickled (and apparently is not advised) so I can't use
Model.register(workspace, model_name=..., model_path=..., tags=..., description=...)

As I train my model locally and don't use experiments, it seems I can't either use run.register(...) as I don't have a run.

Also, I've seen from the documentation that I can add model_framework and model_framework_version parameters to the register method but I'm not sure what I should put in these parameters as I guess the framework is not just tensorflow but my self made class ?

Here is the structure of my class in case it can help:

   class DNN():  
       def __init__(self, dim, tokenizer, max_len):  
           Initialize Neural Network recommender.  
           dim : int Dimension of the output Embedding layer.  
           tokenizer : The tokenize() generator  
           max_len : int Maximum number of elements for each list.  
           self.dim = dim  
           self.tokenizer = tokenizer  
           self.max_len = max_len  
       def fit(self, X, Y):  
           self.model = Sequential()  
 , y=Y, ...)  
           return self  
       def predict(self, x):  
           pred = self.model.predict(padded_order)[0]  
           res = apply_postprocessing(pred )    
           return res  

Thank you for your help !

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