WinDbg Preview's "!heap -p -a UserPtr" fails to display user mode stack trace from memory dump file

Kevin Coulombe 26 Reputation points

I'm using gflags +ust to collect a process' memory dump with user mode allocation stack traces.

I pretty much follow this procedure :

Except the command !heap -p -a UserPtr doesn't work anymore...

I'm using these extensions (but same happens with the latest exts.dll loaded from WinDbg Preview's install folder) :


From exts, it says to try ext and from ext, it just returns with no output.


It works when installing the previous Windows SDK version from the archive (Windows SDK for Windows 11 (10.0.22000.194)) :



So something changed and broke this workflow between 10.0.22000.832 and

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  1. Fei Wang 0 Reputation points

    using this command for many years, unfortunately in the latest Windbg, it does NOT work any more.

    It seems to be the only way to switch to the previous windbg

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