[WOPI] Unable to View docx file using office online

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We are trying to integrate office online in our web application using WOPI. We have already registered for CSPP program. In our case we are receiving call for files/:id to get the checkfileinfo json but we're not receiving another call to the host server for getting the file contents. i.e. files/:id/contents.

Here is the json response for GET files/:id

BaseFileName: "docusign.docx",
OwnerId: "admin@Ranadheer .com",
Size: 12896,
UserId: "sandip@Ranadheer .com",
UserFriendlyName: "Sandip Rana",
Version: "2022-11-02T16:30:09+00:00",
FileExtension: ".docx",
UserCanWrite: true,
SupportsLocks: true,
SupportsUpdate: true,
UserCanNotWriteRelative: true

After returning this json response, ideally we would've got the call for files/:id/contents but that call is not getting invoked by office online. Am I doing something wrong?

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