How to edit "change detection job"'s scheduling in Azure File Sync on-premise endpoint?

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Hello everyone,

I have an on-premise Windows Server 2012 R2 machine where I’m caching Azure file shares using Azure File Sync.
On Azure synchronization service I enabled cloud tiering with 1 day policy (file are kept in local cache only if edited within last 24 hours)

As stated here:

To detect changes to the Azure file share, Azure File Sync has a scheduled job called a change detection job. A change detection job enumerates every file in the file share, and then compares it to the sync version for that file. When the change detection job determines that files have changed, Azure File Sync initiates a sync session. The change detection job is initiated every 24 hours.

I've noticed that this change detection job triggers as much Azure File list operations as many folders are present in my synchronized shares, probably because it lists every folder in the share looking for changes in cloud to be synced locally in the onprem endpoint.

Eg. I have an Azure File Share with about 40.000 folders, with Hot access level. Checking Azure Costs I can see that I have every day an amount of "Hot ZRS List Operations" corresponding to 40k list operations (every day at the same hour, as reported to the transaction log in the storage account metrics)

In my setup I don't need such a daily job because we do all our file operations through the Azure File Sync endpoint shares, so in order to lower the costs of the above-mentioned operations I'd like to edit the schedule of such change detection job to be launched within a longer interval (2-3 days or mabye once a week?)

Is it possible to do that in any way?

Thank you in advance.

ps. my Azure File Sync usage is limited to a test set of our files. Considering a full migration to Azure, we'd have 400k folders managed by Azure. If I'm not wrong with my analisys, an everyday change detection job would trigger 400k list operations for a total income (considering ZRS in West Europe) of at least 1300 euros only for this feature. Lowering such quote even only of a third could be a dramatic improvement in the overall costs.

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