Removing federated SSO login redirect from 365

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I made the mistake of trying to set up SSO through Lastpass on our Microsoft tenant this morning. I messed up the Lastpass side and in the middle of the whole thing, my system blue screened so that I lost my persistent connection to Power Shell I had used this command in it to set up the authentication to Lastpass with all the variables they specified:

Set-MsolDomainAuthentication -FederationBrandName $domain -DomainName $domain -Authentication federated -PreferredAuthenticationProtocol SAMLP -IssuerUri $issuer -SigningCertificate $certificate -PassiveLogOnUri $ssoUrl -ActiveLogOnUri $ecpUrl -LogOffUri $logoffUrl -Verbose

What the article I was following didn't tell me is that it would force all authentication to the portal now to go through LastPass:

So, now when I go to and put in ANY username for the tenant, I get redirected to LastPass when the application doesn't exist anymore with the settings I specified. I am in a full panic now. I opened a ticket through another tenant to get Microsoft's help, but they are behind and I don't know when they will call me. What can I do? Is there a way to bypass this? Even trying to authenticate in Power Shell brings me to the LastPass login like a giant loop.

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