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Hello all

I came across this script . The script is looking at the parent group and exporting all members to a unique .csv file, and its excluding groups. This is very close to what i need, except i want the export to one .csv file and do not exclude groups.
Any help is greatly appreciated

 $Input_Users = "Name,Description,UserprincipalName,SamAccountName,office,DepartmentNumber,Department" -split ','  
 $GroupNames = @()  
 # get the users in the main group  
 Get-ADGroupMember -Identity "GP1" |  
     ForEach-Object {   
         if ($_.objectClass -eq "user") {   
             Get-ADUser $_.SamAccountName -Properties $Input_Users | Select-Object $Input_Users   
         elseif ($_.objectClass -eq "Group") {   
             $GroupNames += $_.distinguishedName  
     } | Export-Csv -Path C:\temp\ParentGroupUsers.csv -NoTypeInformation  
 # get the users (ignoring other ogject types) that are members of each child group  
 # place the users in a unique CSV for each group  
 ForEach ($group in GroupNames){  
     $g = "c:\temp\{0}.csv" -f (Get-ADGroup -Identity $group).Name  
     Get-ADGroupMember -Identity $group |  
             Get-ADUser $_.SamAccountName | Select-Object $Input_Users  
         } | Export-Csv $g -NoTypeInformation  
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    Did you look at your previous question (export-ad-group-membership.html) before posting this one?