Role Assignment "New-AzRoleAssignment" for Azure Blob Storage is failing using powershell script

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Below is my scenario for which I have created a power shell task in Azure DevOps pipeline

Scenario= I am trying to query the files from ADLS blob storage in azure synapse workspace. To do this I need to grant "Storage Blob Data Reader" Role to my ADLS blob storage to run/query the data(csv/parquet) files in synapse Workspace. I have run the below script in power shell task in azure Devops pipeline and getting below error.


New-AzRoleAssignment -ObjectID "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" -RoleDefinitionName "Storage Blob DataReader"
-Scope "/subscriptions/AAAAA/resourceGroups/BBBBBB/providers/Microsoft.Storage/storageAccounts/XXXXXXXX"

I have passed Object ID (tried both App ID, Object ID of the service principal ),Subscription id, resource group name and storage account.


operation returned an invalid status code 'Forbidden' . Power shell exited with code '1'

PFA screenshot.


I am not really sure what I am missing here. Please share your valuable suggestions.

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  1. BhargavaGunnam-MSFT 28,931 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @sachin gupta ,
    Looks like the issue is with the syntax. Can you please update the -Roledefinitionname to below? (with space between Data and Reader)

    -RoleDefinitionName "Storage Blob Data Reader"  

    Please see the below screenshot. I was able to create a new role assignment with the below syntax:

    New-AzRoleAssignment -ObjectId 'XXX-XX-XX-XXX-XXXX' -RoleDefinitionName  'Storage Blob Data Reader' -Scope /subscriptions/XX-XX-XXX-XXX-XXX/