Need help on taking a snapshot of whole resources before deleting it?

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Need help on creating a backup of entire setup ( Azure Appservice+SQL DB+ Private Endpoints + Keyvault+ Storage Account + WAF2+WAF custome rules ) to move from organisation to another organisation or taking a backup of whole structure before it so
What is the best method to do this?

Azure Backup
Azure Backup
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  1. Carlos Solís Salazar 17,781 Reputation points MVP

    Hi @sumankondla-3724

    Thank you for asking this question on the **Microsoft Q&A Platform. **

    You cannot take a "Snapshot" but, you can export the template of the resources:

    The first option is to export the ARM template, you can perform those actions at the resource group level, in the left panel you will find the option "Export template"

    The second option is to use Azure Terrafy

    Azure Terrafy imports the resources that are supported by the Terraform AzureRM provider into the Terraform state, and generates the corresponding Terraform configuration. Both the Terraform state and configuration are expected to be consistent with the resources' remote state, i.e., terraform plan shows no diff. The user then is able to use Terraform to manage these resources.

    IMPORTANT: none of these options will back up your resource data, they will only perform a "backup" of the resource configuration.

    Hope this helps!


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  1. Ronen Ariely 15,101 Reputation points

    Good day,

    Need help on taking a snapshot of whole resources before deleting it?

    This sound to me like a xy problem

    Wikipedia: The XY problem is a communication problem encountered in help desk, technical support, software engineering, or customer service situations where the question is about an end user's attempted solution (Y) rather than the root problem itself (X).

    Not always we should answer the question (Y) and the best solution is to dig more and solve the root question (X)

    According to your description, your goal is to move from organisation to another organisation and not deleting the current resources just in order to create them in a different organization. DELETE+CREATE is only a workaround which you found, so why not solving the root problem?

    Most of the resources support moving them between resource groups or subscriptions.

    This should probably be your first approach

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  2. Vinodh247 13,226 Reputation points

    Thanks for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A.

    You dont have option to snapshot the resources including the data, you can only take the structure as ARM template or Terrafy as the other answer has stated and then recreate it wherever you want.

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