OOTB sharepoint list level column validation

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My list has below columns

Staffs lists

Counter ->Number data type columns
No of replacements ->Number data type column
status -choice field

here is the scenario:(requirement) and we have to determine if any columns that would be needed for the below criteria to resolve the same.

1) status ACTIVE is assigned automatically for a duration of a natural year when the assignment takes place

2)A counter will be available with the number of assignments in the last 12 months and throughout each calendar year ,per each staffs and for the whole staffs lists ???

query 1:How to validate counter getting incremented?

3)No of replacements counter will be available with the number of replacements taking place in the last 12 months.

query 2: How to check for no of replacements counter ?

using OOTB list level column validations or any other approaches please help

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